Before booking any taxi service in Crete you should know some useful information:

Booking a taxi in advance is the most convenient and reliable way to reach your destination.
The most prevalent term for taxis, cabs, taxi-cabs, yellow or black cabs, minicabs e.t.c. in Greece is taxi and the same term is used in Greek language as well.
Safety comes first! Always book your taxi in advance to ensure that a taxi driver will be waiting for you at your arrival place and you can get back to him (by phone, or email) in any case.
Be sure before boarding any taxi in Crete that you look for the official taxi cab seal. Taxicabs bearing this seal are insured, have trained drivers and are regularly inspected by the authorities.
Metro or trains do not exist in the island. Thus, taxis are the most convenient way to move around and they are relatively cheap.
Different taxi cab vehicle colours exist in Crete depending on the part of the territory that they serve. All taxi cabs that serve outside the main towns are silver, metallic and this is the most common taxi colour in the island. In Chania town, taxi cabs are blue, in Rethymnon white and in all other places silver.
Prices are fixed per vehicle. Each taxi cab can transfer up to four passengers. 

How do I pay?

You pay by cash to the driver, when you reach your destination.

Can I pay on line?

We are sorry, but we do not accept paypal, or any other online payment systems.

Can I pay by card?

Unfortunately, no taxi cabs in Greece accept credit or depit cards.

Do you charge for luggage?

There is no extra charge for luggage. However, if you are worried that your luggage will not fit in a classic Mercedes E class vehicle, please let us know in advance.

Do you provide childseats?

Yes, child seat is available at no extra cost. Please let us know of your child’s age to arrage for the appropriate seat.

What if my flight is delayed?

You don’t need to worry about that. We track your flight and there is no extra charge for the driver’s waiting time.

Where will I meet the driver and how?

In Chania airport there are only two exits (next to each other), one for domestic flights and one for international. Our driver will wait for you at your exit point holding a sign with your name printed on. Also, just in case, we provide the driver’s mobile number with your booking.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your booking at any time. We do not charge any deposit fees, therefore you are free to change your mind at no cost. However, we would much appreciate if you could inform us as soon as possible and no later than 24hours before your arrival.

How many passengers fit in one taxi?

According to Greek law, one taxi cab may transfer up to 4 passengers. The price is fixed for a route and does not depent on the number of passengers.

Will the driver speak English?

Yes, all our drivers speak English.

How can I book my taxi online?

Just complete our booking form!

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